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Free staffing agency marketing

Well, that got your attention, didn’t it? In previous columns we have offered free staffing agency marketing to all our clients. What does free, or any of its synonyms, mean to you? What is stopping you from accepting the offer? To find out, read on.

Free generates a different reaction depending on the era you grew up in. Those of us with a few years (not fat) under our belt, grew up indoctrinated with expressions like “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, “free is worth every penny you pay for it”, “if it’s free what’s the catch” or “how much will this cost me.” These adages are passed on generation to generation and still impact the way we react to any offer related to free.

These expression have formed part of our psyche and upon hearing “free” we mentally reach for the check book. There’s an expectation that any free product or service offer is a “come on” and the cost is hidden somewhere else. In our minds, we consider free as not being really free at all.

There’s a tendency to associate free with lesser quality. Nobody thinks that Google is inferior because it is free. On the contrary, Google is the big hairy gorilla of all search engines.

The marketing service that you will receive is identical to that which you could pay thousands of dollars for every month. Our offer is totally free to you. The entire cost of the marketing service is absorbed by us and not passed through higher fees.

The cost of the free staffing agency marketing services comes straight off OUR bottom line and NOT yours.

Still skeptical? Consider this. When a staffing agency is searching for a new factoring company one of the first questions we are asked is “how much are your fees?” Therefore the final choice of factoring company is strongly influenced by the one offering the lowest fees.

Being self funded by private investors we already offer fees comparable to any other factoring company or bank in the country.

Let’s assume we have made it onto to your short list based solely on our comparable fees. If we were to take the cost of the marketing services and incorporate it into to our fees, we would be shooting ourselves in the foot. Higher fees would eliminate us from the short list based in the fee structure.

It doesn’t make sense for us to incorporate the cost of the marketing into our fees. If we did, we would be pricing ourselves out of the market. Instead, we feel that offering clients a valuable service and absorbing the cost is a mutually beneficial partnership.

The staffing agency marketing is absolutely free!

-No Charge!


It Really Is!

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