ZipRecruiter Combines Data and People

If You Build It, They Will Come

Data drives our world. No decision is made without copious amounts of research being brought to the table. From your favorite new shows on Netflix, to the way Amazon delivers your packages more efficiently, to your grocery store stocking its shelves full of food. Knowing your next step is the right one is invaluable in the business world. Therefore, it’s interesting to see this level of precision when finding a new job/hire. While not a perfect science, finding that perfect job or employee comes down to qualifications. So in most industries across the country, weeding through thousands of jobs or hundreds of applicants is no small feat. Enter services like ZipRecruiter, which has fast become the way to handle job searching.

ZipRecruiter is a service dedicated to placing jobs in front of people, and people in front of jobs. The service gets the next generation of job seekers right. Millennials, and those before, are now more reliant than ever on the capabilities of the internet. They demand a web portal, a web site, customer service, and even a mobile application. By becoming one of the most connected age groups, the younger generation has certain expectation. One of which being able to not just job seek actively, but passively, letting the service do most of the work.

Modern services allow for this, by storing your resume, it’s a matter of clicking and matching by search results. This method far out-scales the cumbersome method used by each company, who personalize their application process. But by doing so, turn people away before they even feel tempted to apply. Why bother to apply for a single position if it’s going to take half an hour or more to complete. While maybe offering a less tailored experience for your organization, I believe it’s a necessity to attract young talent.

Finally Done Building It

Services such as ZipRecruiter are decent at filling low level jobs, but truly shines in specialized fields. This could be a great service for a person new to the workforce, wanting to see the requirements for their desired job, or entry level jobs. Simply attaining a degree may not be enough to stand out to employers anymore. By comparing jobs in your area, areas around you, and across the country, you can learn what can make you the most eligible candidate; what beyond a degree or X years of experience.

For organizations, the effect is more pay-to-play. Basic accounts come with a certain minimum of features, with of course an upgrade path for more views or what have you. Also, one of the best features for companies may be the self promotion. By allowing companies to place their job listings at the top of searches, they are more likely to reach their desired applicants first, and lots of them. This is hard to manage on your own, and even more so without using a service such as ZipRecruiter.

Wait, I Built It, But How Does It Work?

There are two sides to this coin. First, a portal for job applicants, which allows for one person to create an account, and apply to jobs with the press of a button. Included is a mobile application that can be used anywhere, any time. Convenient is the name of the game. Free tip: Just as in a dating application, and a fully fleshed out account can really stand out from the crowd.

The other side of this is if you are looking to fill a position. Posting to one may be a good start, but posting it everywhere is going to fish from all ponds. Segmentation of potential hires not only keeps the position open longer, but you may not get the best candidate for the job. So ZipRecruiter automatically distributes your job to most of the major job boards. The portal allows for all follow up and communication, keeping everything in one place. Even allowing virtual interviews if the person is not local.

Knew I Should Have Built It Near A Road

The last point to make is that this tool is only as good as the job market you are in. Best of luck to steel mill workers in South Florida and Lumberjacks in Cupertino. These services will simply highlight and amplify your search, not guarantee positions are available. But if you are indeed looking for a job, it’s safe to say you can throw away the classifieds and start online. My only hope is that this becomes the norm, and jobs are a simple search away.

Ben Crossman is host of the long running syndicated radio show, Computer America. For more information please visit

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