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Benefits Of Axos Bank

Funding Services For Staffing Agencies

Benefits Of Staffing Agency Funding

Lack of cash flow can prevent a staffing agency from accepting more clients, or even targeting larger ones.


One staffing agency client increased their business by 250% in just 6 months using our service. With the knowledge of having our financial support allowed them to confidently go after bigger accounts.

At one point using funding companies  for staffing agencies indicated a sign of financial instability. Now it is a common financial transaction utilized by all types of businesses worldwide.


Here are the top benefits of using our service. How can you turn these benefit to your advantage?


1. Immediate Cash


One big reason is our funding gives you the ability to immediately access cash owed to your company. For some businesses, this minimizes the need to incur debt for operations while waiting on invoices to be paid.


2. Consistent Cash Flow

Funding for staffing agencies provides a smoother, more consistent cash flow. No more running to the mailbox daily looking for checks. Instead you know exactly when you will receive payment based on agreed terms with Axos Bank.


3. Verify Your Customer's Credit For FREE


Our payroll funding for staffing agencies eliminates the need for debt collections. We specialize in working with medical staffing agencies nationwide and our staff and experienced at collecting and tracking invoices.


No more bad debts and fewer headaches for you and your business.

We offer free credit checks on your customers to ensure you will get the payments you deserve. Quickly confirm your customer’s credit and make sure you are doing business with the right people.



4. Quick Account Setup

Your account with Axos Bank will be set up within a couple of days.

5. Invoice Handling


Our service provides efficient handling of all your back office A/R work. Our Accounts Receivable management system and experienced staff work in cooperation with you. These management services can be as valuable to your company as the capital itself.


6. Cost Efficiency


With our payroll finding service for staffing agencies there are:

  • No commitment fees

  • No closing fees

  • No unused line fees

  • No legal fees (usually)

  • No fixed/long term contracts

  • Time Saving


As a Federal Bank, we are self-funded and use our own money. There’s no waiting for a slow moving factoring companies who rely on a bank's money, to grant or deny your loan. With our payroll funding service these periodic delays and negotiations are eliminated. This allows you to save time and manage your business more effectively.


7. 24/7/365 Web Access To Your Account


In addition to account receivable management of your accounts Axos Bank provides real-time access to this information through its intuitive and easy to use web interface. Our powerful reporting capability enables you to view:

  • Summary aging of invoices outstanding

  • Total credit limit and credit available

  • Pending invoices

  • Invoice and customer detail

  • Payroll funding schedules

  • Detailed aging and balance

  • Copy of checks



Very few, if any, funding companies for staffing agencies can offer such a complete range of services.


If your agency is not already benefiting from services like ours, maybe it’s time to call us.

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