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Funding companies for staffing agencies.

Axos Bank is one of the leading funding companies for staffing agencies. We offer cost effective payroll funding for staffing agencies by turning outstanding invoices into immediate cash.

There are many accounts receivable funding companies, but not all the same. For instance, unlike many others, we are a publicly traded federal bank with no branches which allows us to pass our low cost of capital to our clients. 


WE ARE THE BANK!  We can match or beat your existing funding rates offered by companies that have a higher cost of capital.


Our experience, knowledge and quick turnaround will keep cash flowing through your staffing business and help you focus on winning new contracts and focusing on growth.


We have a number of complimentary services (Free Credit Checks, Bookkeeping, Industry leading Business Banking). We'll tell you all about them when we talk to you.

About Funding Companies
For Staffing Agencies
Funding for staffing agencies provided by a Federal Bank at competitive rates.

Axos Bank is a publicly traded (NASDAQ: branchless online bank enabling us to offer some of the lowest factoring rates in the industry.

Benefits Of Funding Through Us
Benefits of funding for staffing agencies.

We understand your business and know that the lack of cash flow can hinder agency growth. Find our how we can help and the benefits of working with Axos Bank.

Questions about funding for staffing agencies please contact us for free, no obligation discussion about your specific situation.

If you are ready or have questions about our funding for staffing agencies please contact us. We offer free quotes and advice with no obligation.

Are You Ready To Improve Cash Flow?
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